Generate HTML, PDF output

The viki markup is capable of handling citations and footnotes. A sample input file could look like this:

#AU: Tom Link
#TI: Whatever
#DATE: today
#BIB: mybib.bib

#Abstract <<---
This paper provides a demonstration of the deplate converter.

* Context
We all know $E = m \cdot c^2${cite: einstein}{fn: einstein}.

#Footnote id=einstein <<---
Or so we think.

#MAKEBIB: apa-style

You can use zM or :TToC to get a quick overview of the document structure.

The remotedeplate converter can be used to convert your notes, summaries, and documents from viki markup to HTML or PDF (via LaTeX).

Change to the directory where the source files are:

cd ~/Sci/...

Initialize the directory (we add the particle-math module to enable embedding LaTeX-math syntax with a dollar sign):

deplate -m particle-math -m makefile FILENAME.txt

Generate HTML:


Generate PDF:

make pdf

Generate output for a file other than the one named when initializing the directory:

make FILE=OTHER_FILE.txt html