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Main author:

Thomas Link
Vienna, Austria


Jjgod Jiang
Chinese localization module (zh-cn.rb), idea of page templates, propositions concerning compliance with W3 standards.
Maxim Komar
Russian localization module (ru_koi8-r.rb), debian files.
Kaspar Schiess
ps2ppm.rb (a rubyfied version of P. Kleiweg’s original perl script, remote
Fritz Heinrichmeyer
html-website.rb formatter, htmlslides-navbar-fh module.
Frederik Eaton
Suggestions concering inline latex support.
Csaba Henk
Nested elements in lists (patch).
Andrea Rota
blosxom plugin, generic textpipe perl module.
Chen Shuo
Posted some modifications on remote that were the basis for several improvements.
Lucas Wilcox
dvipng support for rendering LaTeX snippets.
Jeff Barczewski
linkmap module.


  • The manual-directory contains ASCIIMathML.js by remotePeter Jipsen.
  • remoteterm.rb is written by Florian Frank.
  • remotesetup.rb is written by Minero Aoki.