1.3 Via TextPipe (a perl module)

Andrea Rota wrote a generic perl module that can be used to convert text from some markup to html using external text filters like deplate.

This module helps with the setup of text filters: given a text processing tool (such as rest2html, rest2latex, deplate, etc.) TextPipe reads an input string, lets the text processing tool process text and returns marked-up output to calling application.

This module was written mainly to allow non-Perl text processing tools to be used in Perl applications.

Be warned though that

  • this is untested code (the authors themselves abandonded deplate :-( in favor of reStructuredTextremote)
  • the performance is quite poor due to the use of temporary files
  • the code does not have accompanying tests (i.e., it hasn’t been stress-tested or debugged in any way)
  • the code is provided as-is; if you run into difficulties, you’re on your own

If you find it useful, feel free to write the missing bits.


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